Biennal of Architecture of Venice 2016
Type: Installation Use: Exhibition space Architecture: António Do Fundo Ferreira Illustration: Ana Aragão
Collaborators: Pedro Amendoeira / Tiago Dos Santos / Alberto Collet Year: 2016 Intervention area: 15m2
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Venezia, Italia Phase: Concluído Photographer: Ricardo Loureiro
Sponsorship: Sanindusa, Vidromax, Controlar, Quinta Vale do Conde

The office ADOFF presents his work during the eventi collaterali the Venice Biennale in 2016. The exhibition concept comes under the event theme summed up in three words: time, space, existence. The office presented three different projects for use, type and concept: Sport Complex (2009), Control Headquarter (2013) Exhibition Space - Quinta Vale do Conde (2016). The facility is designed with three planes of glass which is portrayed each project. Three models scale 1/30 concrete are presented on a base 24 composed of prefabricated blocks, which emerge metal support structures all display elements.